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To use privacy filters is a must in times of increased safety requirements. Fujitsu’s Privacy Filters block unauthorized views on your screen while you are sitting in an external meeting or working in a train. The front view remains clear for the user's eyes only. The filters are easy to attach and what's more: They also protect your screen from small scratches and damages.
Fujitsu Privacy Filters protect you from being snooped in trains, airplanes, cafés or any other public places.
Passers-by only see a dark screen left and right angle view by 30° each side.
The Privacy Filters help to protect LCD screens from scratches and dust.
They are all touch screen compatible
Fujitsu Privacy Filter is ideal for working without becoming fatigued.
The filter can be used on both sides (glossy or anti-glare).
Fixed with transparent glue stripes on screen or hang tabs on display frame for easy removability.
Color Anti-glare or glossy
Package content Privacy Filter
Hang tabs for display frame mount
Transparent Glue Stripes for onscreen mount
Cleaning cloth
Acc order code SAP S26391-F6098-L212S26391-F6098-L213S26391-F6098-L214S26391-F6098-L215S26391-F6098-L221S26391-F6098-L222S26391-F6098-L224S26391-F6098-L238S26391-F6098-L239


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